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Why factories in machine tool are mostly green?
Date:2012-10-28     Post:admin

Did not know everybody does have has found that the domestic machine tool in the choice of color, for the green is in the majority, this is what kind of of factors to consider? Small make up search in the material, can be summarized as the following:

1, for mechanical equipment surface spraying color, in the industry is by the regulation, such as: GB18209.1-2000 mechanical safety instructions, signs and operation part 1 about visual, hearing and touch signal requirements, and to the provisions of the equipment, the main body color can be according to the customer request design.

2, airframe adopt green represents the safety, health, green for the nervous system of the body has a calming effect, to improve the factory's working conditions, so as to improve labor efficiency in production, it is said that, green and ?

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