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Company profile

Qingdao Lwwse thai weiye mechanical manufacturing co.,ltd. Is Qingdao specialized production each kind of sanding machine manufacturer, this company produces the plane broadband sanding machine combined with Germany, Italy, Taiwan fine structure and advanced mechanical properties, of which, sanding machine series: artificial marble water sand, dry sand, plastic board, stainless steel, aluminum plate sanding machine products favored by domestic and foreign the favor from the masses of users.

Strong processing power, reliable quality assurance, strict testing means make the company won the trust of customers; Rich experience, sophisticated design, advanced manufacturing technology and user closely related to communication, make the company continuously introduced to adapt to the market, meet the user's new products. Quality, efficiency, service and sincere

Qingdao Lwwse thai weiye mechanical manufacturing co.,ltd Address:山Qingdao east province chongqing road FangZi street industrial park
Mobile:13306395378 Email:qdsongtai@126.com
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